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Say Goodbye to Boring, Embrace Engaging!

as an eLearning developers that making education engaging and exciting. Break free from boredom and unleash the power of captivating learning materials that inspire and motivate. Let's transform your e-Learning experience together!

about me

Engaging. Data-driven. Effective.

I am an e-Learning developer based in Jakarta, specializing in the food and beverage industry. With a passion for creating engaging and data-driven learning materials, Ono combines human-centered design, SCORM, HTML5, and XAPI technology to make learning fun and accessible. Pursuing a Master's degree in Educational Technology, My expertise lies in transforming complex technical content into materials that drive results. Let's collaborate to create effective and engaging learning experiences.

the why?

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My focus is on creating engaging learning experiences that capture learners' attention and foster their motivation to learn.


I leverage the latest eLearning technologies, such as SCORM, HTML5, and XAPI, to enhance the delivery of educational content and provide interactive and immersive learning experiences.


With a human-centered design approach, I strive to create visually appealing and user-friendly eLearning materials that not only facilitate learning but also make the overall experience enjoyable

Let's make learning fun with e-learning!


Unveiling the Future: A Masterpiece in the Making